"You couldn´t ask for better guides than Whitney and Glenn to take you through the tough times. They saw the mortgage meltdown coming and their new book can help get you through it with timely, useful, and sage advice."

— Joel Greenblatt, Managing Partner, Gotham Capital; author of The Little Book That Beats the Market and You Can Be a Stock Market Genius

"Two great students of investing explain the great economic debacle and teach us what to do about it."

— David Einhorn, founder, Greenlight Capital; author of Fooling Some of the People All of the Time

"A cogent guide to current financial events and sourcebook with the investment case studies for value investing practitioners and aspirants. I strongly recommend that you give it a thorough and careful read."

— William Ackman, founder, Pershing Square Capital Management, LP

"With clarity and their typical attention to detail, Whitney and Glenn deftly illustrate key plot lines for our economic horror show. They thankfully offer some hope that all won´t be lost when the house lights go up."

— Steve Romick, Partner, First Pacific Advisors, LLC

"Whitney and Glenn have done an extraordinary job alerting all who would listen of deep, and in many instances irreversible, perils confronting financial industry investors with exposure to U.S. mortgage industry securities. While most bank analysts busied themselves rearranging deck chairs on our financial Titanic, Whitney and Glenn fixed their vision on mortgage industry icebergs. While there is surely enough blame to be spread around as a result of the financial industry´s shameful conduct, they deserve credit for speaking out with their early and accurate warnings."

— Thomas A. Russo, Partner, Gardner Russo & Gardner

"Whitney´s presentation makes complex financial concepts easy to understand, and I appreciate that. Despite the gloomy economic forecast, I actually found his calm and rational demeanor very comforting."

— Debbie Ermiger, Hewlett-Packard Company

"Not only is this topic daunting, but it is also somewhat difficult to understand; however, Whitney does a fabulous job of making it both interesting and comprehensible. His careful consideration of the details really provides an accurate, truly expert view of the economy."

— Heba Macksoud

"Whitney Tilson´s insights and comments are invaluable."

— Marilyn Tahl

"Whitney Tilson´s sobering review of the debt bubble, and what we might expect to see in the next 1 to (gulp...) 25 years is an excellent reminder that we need to constantly plan and be prepared for potentially ugly scenarios in both our personal and our business lives. Tilson also provides an excellent perspective on the current situation. "I´ve found that people tend to accept a situation and find a way to move through it when they have a fuller understanding of what happened and why. Tilson´s presentation of what happened offers that 'what' and 'why.'"

— Jesse M. Keyser, The Motley Fool

"I found Whitney Tilson´s presentation on the mortgage mess riveting as well as frightening. I don´t know whether to stuff my mattress or help the economy and buy a mattress! I really appreciated learning what he had to say."

— Elaine C. Sherwood, Customer Experience, Manager, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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